Center for Christianity
and Scholarship

Certificate Pathway

The Center for Christianity and Scholarship offers a Certificate in Christian Studies to students who complete at least four program requirements, including at least two Duke courses. The Certificate in Christian Studies equips Duke undergraduates to be faithful witnesses for Christ in your academic studies and future vocations. Certificate programs help students develop a well-rounded Christian mind that includes knowledge of Scripture and theology, formation in the historic Christian tradition, and practice "thinking Christianly" across many domains of life. To earn the Certificate, complete four requirements, including at least two CCS-affiliated Duke courses and up to two CCS-led extracurricular experiences.

Pick 2 Duke Courses

Duke Courses

Duke courses toward the certificate are taught by Christian professors. The Certificate offers full-credit courses and half-credit House courses. Courses include topics such as "The Christian Story," and "Not-So-Old Testament" Check out some of our upcoming courses below.

Spring 2024

Not-So-Old Testament

Is there any point in reading the Old Testament (also known as the Hebrew Bible) today? Many moderns think it's irrelevant and outdated—some of them are even religious! Yet others argue that it is indispensable to a proper understanding of faith, life, and the world—even now. This course explores the (possible) significance of one of humankind’s oldest surviving collections of sacred literature. This ancient book touches on pressing matters like the existence of God, the nature of the good life, science and religion, morality, politics, law, and justice.

It also presents many difficult texts depicting violence and judgment that many would consider immoral today. How ought we as readers to think about those passages? Do even the troubling texts have something to contribute to contemporary life and thought, to the best ways of being in the world today? Take this course if you’d like to find out!

Spring 2024

The Christian Story

An introduction to the Christian story of the world—how Christians have understood the nature of God, His involvement in history, and how humans are part of this story. Topics will include creation, what it means to be human, evil, suffering, redemption, forgiveness, happiness, truth, beauty, goodness, and the afterlife. Sources will include scripture, philosophy, theology, art, and literature. We'll see how the grand narrative of the Bible helps Christians understand the stories of history, the present, and our own lives.

This class is intended for students of all backgrounds: whether you know a lot or nothing at all about Christianity, whether you are a practicing Christian or of a different tradition or of no tradition at all, you and your voice are welcome. Be skeptical, be confessional, come as you are. Let’s make this class a real encounter with the Christian story and the people who take part in it.


Projects, Experiences, More Courses

Research Project

Students meet once a month over one academic year to apply Christian thought to their future careers with guidance from Christian faculty.

Israel Trip

CCS also offers a trip to Israel and internship opportunities.

Affiliated Courses

CCS-affiliated courses are taught by Christian faculty within their Duke departments, engage with big questions, and are open to Christian answers.

Faith and Work Summer Internship

CCS's Faith & Work Summer Internship program gathers students to explore the theology of work and how to integrate faith with daily life in the office, lab, workshop, or clinic. What’s work for? Does my work have to be a calling? How am I responsible to my family, my education, my gifts and talents, my desires, and my faith? What if these are in competition? Participants will learn with one another and from CCS staff and Christian leaders in various fields.

To learn more about the Certificate in Christian Studies, get in touch with Jeff Bennett, our Director of Undergraduate Formation!