Center for Christianity
and Scholarship

CCS fosters an interdisciplinary faculty community, helping you connect with fellow Christian faculty from across the university. Faculty who came together through CCS have gone on to form mentoring relationships, co-teach courses, and collaborate on shared academic projects.

If you are interested in working with other Christian faculty on research, teaching, public writing, or other projects informed by Christian faith, let us know—we’ll do our best to connect potential partners, facilitate collaboration, and provide administrative support.

Our faculty offerings include:
The Triangle Roundtable

An annual event that brings together faculty from Duke, UNC, NC State, and other local institutions for an evening of dinner and discussion on a question of science and religion.

Faculty Theological Intensive

A three-day summer workshop in which faculty receive theological training from visiting instructors from Regent College and think together about how Christian doctrines can inform their research and teaching.

The Christian Teaching Project

A three-year cohort of twelve faculty working together on course design, pedagogy, and administrative approval for Duke classes that integrate Christian faith with academic work.

Upcoming Calendar Events

Check out some of the things happening for faculty in the coming months!

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